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Dan Mohler on Becoming Love

Grace Meets Faith

418 [Context: While teaching on communing with the Lord though reading the Bible and prayer, Dan gives an example of what communing in prayer looks like. Then he talks about what happens through communing in prayer.] You read that [verse] and you begin to pray this way and have communion with God, it’s amazing how Holy Spirit will meet you there. How - sometimes you will leave the room and it will feel like you just talked a lot about what you… but here’s the thing. He’s expanding your heart with understanding. You’re getting more out of the word. You’re not just reading it to get through it. It’s becoming alive to you. All of the sudden it becomes a part of who you are. Now you’re embracing it as truth and now truth is making you free. So you are leaving your bedroom [where you just prayed] and you’re coming out of your bedroom transformed by spending time in Him. Why? Because you’re releasing faith in an area and when you release faith, grace comes to meet that faith and begins to mold and etch you. Grace is, like, what fashions you. Grace is the workmanship and the craftsmanship of God. It’s His skillful hand working inside of you to make you like Him. That’s what grace does. Grace is God’s ability, it’s God’s power and He’s willing to use it on your behalf to make you look like Him. So he [an example student] is releasing faith in his value to God, in his love life [relationship with God] and the ability to see people through God’s eye. And that when he sees the world… “I see what You see Father because we are one. You have put yourself in me and You are the one who looks through my eyes. And You are causing me to see the world with the value they possess in Your heart.” Sitting praying that - right - he can’t read on love and just go out and do it. As he’s praying this way Holy Spirit is doing a work - it’s supernatural - you’re saved by grace through faith. Who gets the glory? Come on we’re not self made. He’s not going to just give some big trophies and some little trophies and some no trophies. Hey you know, “Wow, what a great Christian - hey, now I just want to introduce to the heavenlies super Christian” - you know? No, what makes us amazing is that He’s amazing and we’ve yielded to Him and His Spirit is working effectually in us... We know what we are, is by the grace of God. Before the gospel came into my life I didn’t even care about you. Be real. I didn’t even care about you. And if I had anything to do with you there would’ve been something in it for me, whether just our relationship made me feel better, dependency was filled in something or whatever. But it had nothing to do with valuing you - before Christ. It had nothing to do with valuing you. And it’s only the gospel that changes you on the inside and causes you to see the value of people, to where all of the sudden you’re not mad and angry and frustrated with people - judgmental - and on the inside there’s not envy and pride and comparison - where on the inside you actually look and you love people. Why? Because you have become one with Love and you’ve taken the time to let Him cultivate your heart by releasing faith and saying, “I want this.” You see? When you do that, that’s communion. Grace comes and says, “OK.” He changes your eye by showing you something different [from the Word]. You agree to it, and then He changes the way you see. He shows you [that] there’s another way to look. You say, “Yeah.” And then He says, “OK.” - Dan Mohler1

111 [Context: prayer to the Father] “I thank you that you have changed my life forever. And you never made for anger, frustration, bitterness, jealousy, pride - they were the things I became when Adam ate the tree. I was born into that lie but I’m born again now. And Father, openly I just put those off before your presence. And I say they were never my created value. They’re not my desire nor my will. And Father, I thank you that you are making me like you and I thank you, you are love. Holy Spirit have your way in me.” And all of the sudden as you release faith in the truth, the grace of change comes upon your life. And all of the sudden Holy Spirit makes you what you could never be in your own strength. And all of the sudden all glory goes to Him because you’re not self made. You didn’t bite your lip to change. Because if you bite your lip to change who found that you failed? But if you trust yourself to Him, His grace is sufficient for you. And you are what you are by the grace of God. You’re saved by grace through faith - no faith, no grace - release faith, grace, the etching tool of God, it comes and sculpts you and shapes you and makes you what you believe is possible. - Dan Mohler2


Receive God’s Love and Become God’s Love

114 So listen, “Teacher, what’s the greatest commandment?” (Or Jesus even asks that.) And there is a fellow that says to, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and your soul and your strength.” What does Jesus say the second commandment is - the greatest commandment? “Love your neighbor as yourself.” And He says, “It’s like the first,” didn’t He? He like intertwines them. He says there are two but they’re really one - just become love. Receive the love of God and love God because He first loved you. Receive that love and become that love and love your neighbor as you see God loves you. So you look in the mirror and go, “Whoa, you’re so awesome. You’re created in God’s image and He loves to love and live in you.” And all of the sudden you see people and you realize that they are the created value of God and they have the potential and destiny of God. And all of sudden you realize there are no throw aways. It doesn’t matter how they’re acting - where their attitude is - they just don’t understand. They’re created in God’s image. They just don’t realize it. They’re letting everything else eat their lunch. But if you weigh a man, or even a book by its cover - or you weigh a man by his outward actions, you’re going to going to sell him short. You judge with outward judgment. You judge with righteous judgment. If God judged us with outward judgment we wouldn’t be sitting here with His Spirit in us. - Dan Mohler3  


Seeing Others as God Sees Them

215 We have to be careful in the way that we’re seeing people. And the way we’re seeing people is going to determine how we live our lives toward them and stuff and how we handle some things, right? So we’ve been covering this the whole school, the more identity we receive this way [from God], the more healthy we see ourselves, the more we’re going to love our neighbor as ourselves. You have to understand that God didn’t come and love you because you were doing everything right. God loves you because He knows who He created you to be - you follow me? He’s pursuing the fulfillment of who He created you to be… And He paid a price to redeem that truth. Once we fully receive that truth, then what? Then we can begin to see others through that very truth. - Dan Mohler4  

1. Grace meets faith - grace is the etching tool of God - Dan Mohler (4:18)
2. Grace meets faith - example of praying - Holy Spirit makes you what you could not become - (1:11)
3. Greatest commandments - 1st intertwined with 2nd - become love - Dan Mohler (1:14)
4. Seeing others as God sees them - God is pursuing the fulfillment of who He created - (2:15)