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Dan Mohler - Building another's kingdom

I looked at Egypt and a land of bondage and I realized God’s people were in a land held captive in bondage - symbolic of sin - but they’re in the muck and mire - every day in the muck and the mire. Doesn’t the Bible say that He pulled us out of the muck and the mire - that a sow after it’s cleansed goes back and wallows in the muck and the mire - symbolic of sin? There’s analogies and allegories to all this stuff. They’re in the land of bondage serving Pharaoh who is [a] type and shadow of demonic power - Satan - land of bondage - and the muck and the mire. Why are they doing that? To make bricks. Why? To build another’s kingdom. The bricks are sin. They pile up and pile up and make monuments to another’s domain, another’s kingdom… and God was Fathering me and saying, “Don’t you go back to the muck and the mire. And don’t you build a monument to Pharaoh. You are free. You are mine, to live righteous, to walk in love.” And I’m on my couch realizing what Egypt and the land of bondage… and I’m free from the land of bondage - passing through the wilderness into the promised land and I’m like “woah,” and I don’t want the muck and mire. I‘m not going to build another’s kingdom when I’m in THE Kingdom. And I remember leaping off my couch crying and thanking Him that I was washed of the muck and the mire. I’m not a captive any more. And I remember kneeling and just crying and just not wanting anything to do with sin.1

1. Dan Mohler audio recording: Kingdom Living School W7S26A [35:35]