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Dan Mohler - Intercession with the Heart of Christ

[Responding to question] I’ll tell you where you have authority. You have authority where love is perfected. You have authority where love is perfected - when your motive is pure - and you’re not just on a witch hunt. And I’m not saying you are. What I’m saying is, I believe this with all of my heart, if “all things are possible to them that believe and nothing shall be impossible for you.” It doesn’t give you a list of what’s excluded. That means love perfected is the most powerful form of intercession on the planet because then you see the value of the people, you see things for where they are. And when you pray it’s as if Christ is praying Himself because of the heart. That’s why it’s so important, guys, for us to become love and to become one with His heart and get over ourselves and get over issues. That’s why you hear me preach so passionate about that topic all the time because the more free we can get from all that the more we can be one with Him. And we’ll look through His eyes. And when we pray it’s as if He’s praying Himself.1

1. Dan Mohler audio recording 2010 Kingdom Living School W2S8 [60:00]