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Dan Mohler - Intercession from a Heart of Love

…Because I just got ticked at the devil. He so wasn’t threatened by that [my being angry at him], he’d rather me be in that place because that’s just like blowing smoke at Him. Just because I’m ticked at him, he’s not threatened by that…  You just start acting like him. You become like him. That’s a good word. He fears the finished work of Christ. He fears the revelation of love. He fears the anointing of God.1   

…We grabbed hands in my house. It was about seven, eight of us and I’m crying now. And now this authority rose in my voice. It sounded like the same tone as when I was at her apartment but it was a whole different heart. It was about Jesus’ love for her. It wasn’t about my ability to drive out the devil. It was about Jesus loving her with His life and giving me the honor of ministering that truth. I’m at her front door screaming all of these prayers and nothing’s going on. Now I’m in my living room holding the hands of a couple of people who are crying with me and we start praying. And I took authority over that thing. And in two minutes the telephone rang and it was her. She said, “Are you guys praying for me?” I said, “You better believe we are.” She said, “…that thing just broke off of me and I sat up and I feel the presence of God.”2  

…I prayed all the right Christian stuff at her apartment door. I was just mad. I was just, “You foul devil, how do you, who do you think are? You get off of her! You foul devil get off of her! I bind you and break your power.” I was just mad as a man gets mad. No sense of the value of her, it’s just, “This is a trespass. Bible knowledge tells me he’s out of bounds. You need to get off her property. She’s the Kingdom of God’s. God owns her. Jesus shed His blood for her.”  I could have went through the whole gamut of all  the list long reasons why she needs to be free. And isn’t it amazing how it doesn’t carry any power when your heart’s not because of love. It’s not knowledge. Knowledge puffs you up. It makes you feel like somebody you’re really not actually walking as. Love edifies.3

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