Dan Mohler - Run to Papa

Even if you stumble into an act of sin, even if you flounder into a moment of weakness and catch yourself or see yourself or know, “Man I shouldn’t have done that.” Man, don’t get condemned. Don’t lose your identity for a moment. Run to Daddy God. Don’t run away like they did in the garden from His presence. Run to God. Let your heart be pure and say, “That was so much less than who you created me to be. That was ‘old nature’. That was yesterday’s life. I’m so glad that my life is more than that in you. And I confess that as sin, and I allow your strength to swallow up that weakness. And God I thank you for loving me. I’m wiser, smarter, sharper than ever before. Thank you for the convictions in my heart and showing me the way.” And you just keep on trucking. Oh man, that’s what a lot of people in the church don’t understand. They make a mistake and sit around and sulk for three days and let that identity become a stronghold of sin. And then they continue to sin. And then they separate themselves from Daddy. And He’s walking around in the garden of your life saying, “Where are you?” And you’re over hiding, sulking in a sin that He’s already through the blood and name of Jesus. Man that’s just good. Because He’s faithful and just to cleanse you of all unrighteousness. Why? Because it’s imperative that you remain righteous in His sight so that the kingdom can keep flowing. He wants your righteous identity to stay intact continually - 24/7 - righteous - so I always have the right to release faith, always have the right to love, always have the right to stop the man on the bicycle, always have the right to release the kingdom of God. You get it? If your identity is in crisis you won’t even seize that right. You won’t even manifest it. We have peace with God. Don’t you forget that.1 

1. From Dan Mohler audio recording “LCF - 7-31-2008” [83:00]