Dan Mohler - Deal with sin consciousness

So, it’s not about, “I’m sorry” and “Forgive me” because that doesn’t separate you from the capacity to sin, the identity of sin, the memory of sin, the stain of sin. What separates you is righteousness. Watch. Confess your sins. That’s all I’m doing when I do that. “God, that was so presumptuous. That was judgmental. You said that I’ll regard no man in the flesh - if one died, all died. God forbid that I would just live in that kind of wisdom and that kind of way. Thank you for showing me that and building this truth in me. God, I thank you for setting me free in every way. And I thank you for building your kingdom in me so effectually that I would never see anyone with a snap judgment like that again but that when I would look I would look into the gold, and look into the value, and be able to always believe the best about everyone.” That’s “confess your sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us.” So He’s going to forgive us. So, why do I ask forgiveness? I’m not because I’m not separating myself from the identity of sin if I’m just asking forgiveness. If you’re just asking forgiveness then you even reserve the right sometimes to wonder if you’re forgiven. And now you’re asking again and again because the consciousness of sin hasn’t been dealt with, because the act of sin is driving you. Are you getting this? The act of sin is driving you so, “Forgive me, forgive me, oh my God,” - two days later you’re still feeling a little guilty and you go to pray and you don’t feel fired up in your spirit and you’re thinking “Man, it’s that sin. God, just forgive me for that and wash me clean.” Well, you already asked three times now. Why are you doing that? Because you’ve never dealt with the consciousness of sin because the act of sin is now labeling you once again and telling you this is who you are and you’re paying the price for your sin. It’s what happens, it happens, it’s all right here. No, you separate yourself from that. He’s faithful and just to forgive you and cleanse you what? Of how much unrighteousness? [All] So what’s the only thing that can possibly be left in this process? Righteous judgment. Yay! And by His stripes I’m [healed]. So I can’t even reap an effect of this whole thing because it’s crushed through the blood and I only reap from what He has sown. Because what was just sown isn’t even me anymore. It’s not my heart, will or intent. It was exposed through the light and God is working in me.1  

1. Dan Mohler audio recording: 2010 Kingdom Living School W5S19B [39:25]