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Dan Mohler - Came to His Own

[John 1:10]“He was in the world and the world was made through Him and the world did not know Him.” See, that fascinates me. I read that stuff and think about that stuff. “The world didn’t know Him.” It shows the state of man. Look at this one it gets more intense. “He came to His own…” Why? Because He didn’t disown, remember? “…And His own…” sure didn’t look like His own, sure weren’t acting like His own, sure weren’t thinking like His own, sure weren’t living like His own but guess who they were…[His own]. Ah, see what’s wrong with me? That’s love right there. Oh man, come on. It’s right in your Bible. “He came to His own…” Why did He come? Because He knows who they are. He can’t leave them that way even if it costs Him His life. “I’m going to send you a message of a lifetime to change the way things are because you’re so much more. It’s not even the truth about you. No matter what it costs me, even if it costs me my life, I’m coming to you that you might be saved.” You can’t hear love in that?1


1. Dan Mohler audio recording: 2010 Kingdom Living School W5S19B [43:40]