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Hope of Glory

We were born into Adam. God has taken us out of Adam and placed us in the Christ. Colossians 1 [:27-28] says that the Christ in you is the hope of glory. And that’s the mystery that’s been revealed to the gentiles. And Paul said, “It’s Him we teach and we warn and we preach every man until that becomes complete” - the Christ in us. So what’s the “hope of the glory of God” in my life? The “glory” very simply meaning the manifest attributes of God, the visual awareness, the seeing of God’s movement. “Glory” can be summed up as any manifest attribute of God - that’s not to make light of the word “glory” - that’s to bring it into a nutshell definition we can embrace - any manifest attribute of God. So the Christ in me is the hope of the manifestation of God. Oh my gosh, so when you pray at the roadside stand or [with] the alcoholic with no shirt and he says, “What in the bleep is happening?” her hope of the manifest attribute of God is the Christ in her that’s flowing out of her because you’re releasing faith that’s working through love. All of the sudden she can walk by this guy and say whatever or [s]he can look and say he needs love. Now that’s the difference between walking with Jesus intimately or not being so sure. Because then self-consciousness, self-awareness, insecurity, low esteem kicks in and we don’t open our mouth and release the kingdom. But wonder if the Christ in you is the hope glory and He dominates your identity and all of the sudden you see who you are in Him and you can’t contain it. Isn’t that cool? That’s really cool.1  

1. Dan Mohler audio recording: “LCF - 7-31-2008” [73:05]