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He works through Him in you

If you’re conscious of you and what you’re doing wrong and “why did she reject me?” and all that stuff, that’s why you need to go sit on your bed and pop in a CD and die [to yourself]. [laughter] Ok? Because that’s the part that’s stumbling the expression of who God is. Because it can’t flow through you. It flows through Him in you. And you see yourself in Him. And it’s just that relationship is huge. So, I’m that simple teaching on the gifts today. But I’m saying don’t hold back with little impressions you get. And don’t discount them all and, “Oh that’s just me.” You might be amazed how when you’re in fellowship with God pursuing love and sincere and you’re earnestly desiring for the right reasons, you might be amazed how much it’s just not you. Ok?  So you get around people, you get little words, encouragements, “Hey I don’t know, I’m just feeling like, man I’m just feeling like it’s important to say this to you…” And you might just give them one phrase that cheers them on - a person in your life. It could be a person that you know, don’t hardly know or never met. It doesn’t matter. You’ll find yourself moving in that stuff more and more. Do you see what I’m saying? And the more you’re obedient with it and step out into it… I don’t know that God is blessing that as much as you’re becoming more confident in your hearing ears and just going, “Yeah, this is God.” But it’ll increase. So whether God is just blessing your faithfulness, however you want to teach that, or you’re just growing more confident in the fact that God is in fact speaking to you. And now it’s all the voice of God. Do you see what I mean? So that’s how simple I was keeping that today. I really don’t have much more that I feel in my heart I want to say. Pursue love, desire spiritual gifts. Desire the best gifts. There’s a more excellent way - knowing Him - becoming like Him. Amen?1 - Dan Mohler 

1. Dan Mohler audio recording: 2010 Kingdom Living School W13S48B [9:25]