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Dan Mohler - Sin gone / Effects must go

This is the key verse that put redemption in my heart. This is where the Holy Spirit taught me redemption - these two verses - just to let you know. This is the foundational place where the Holy Spirit birthed redemption in my life - verses 9 and 10 [of Romans 5]. “Much more, having been justified by His blood,” so His blood forgave us of our sin, “now we shall be saved from wrath through Him.” Now he expands on what he just said. He expounds more, watch. So “saved” is the [Greek] word “sozo” - healed, delivered, protected, made whole, kept safe and sound and all that good stuff. So verse 10 is the giveaway. “For if,” he explains verse 9, “if we were enemies, and while we were enemies God reconciled us back through the death of Jesus, much more,” do you hear the increase of outpouring of grace? “much more,” now that we’re His, now that we’re sons, now that we’re justified, now that we’re separate from sin, “much more shall we be,” what? - “since we’re reconciled, much more shall we be saved,” “sozo-ed,” “because He lives.” Oh, my gosh. What he’s saying is, because He lives you can receive the benefit in your life, and not just, sin has been removed but everything sin has caused and brought and marked you with must be destroyed by the same gospel if you’ll just believe it and contend for it. Did you get that? Oh, my goodness, that’s exciting.1  

1. Dan Mohler audio recording “LCF - 7-31-2008” [92:10]