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Dan Mohler - Remaining in Faith

Faith isn’t a method guys. It’s a lifestyle. Faith isn’t try it and see if it works. Faith is the position of your heart to receive what He accomplished. Faith is where you live. And even if you’re not receiving what you say you’re believing for you continue to stay in that place of faith… Even if we have to go and get something done, to get something removed or taken care of… Man it’s not one or the other. Even as you’re getting something done [in] physical therapy be in faith. Thank God for restoration. “God, I appreciate just the working of my nerves and muscles and how everything is coming into alignment. Thank you for wholeness. It’s not one or the other.1


we believe if we don’t see it changed it’s not changed or it won’t change. We think: win / lose, hit / miss. We get around and we keep praying and we end up striving. We cross lines, get into works. And everybody takes their turn and pulls out their prophesy and their Old Testament analogies. And let me try. I’ve been in those circles. When do we just believe Him? When do we just keep it simple and lay our hands on the sick and know they shall recover. And without a cop out, without, “Well take heart, I prayed. They’ll be fine now.” I’m talking about taking responsibility of faith - the privilege of faith and really releasing faith and believing God and getting involved and getting your hands on folks. And refusing to let that perspective drop no matter what you experience. Because I could introduce you to a whole lot of folks that are healed through that.2


What do we do when we pray on the street and they’re not healed? I don’t encourage that verbiage - that mentality because faith is not hit / miss; win or lose. It’s not a plug you put in and pull out. You don’t pray and then read face value and say ugh. No, you thank them for the honor of praying for them. “Thanks for taking the time. I can tell you’re probably in a hurry. I appreciate that you allowed us to pray for you. We’re expecting change. We’re believing the goodness of God will be realized in your body. And as that pain dissipates or even tonight you get out of your car and you walk in your house and realize out of the blue, “Oh my goodness” just know that Jesus loves you. He is Lord. And you back out humbly. Don’t go, “Oh my God, I wonder why they didn’t get healed. I wonder… I must not be too spiritual. My tank must need filling. I need to go for impartation. Oh my God.” That’s what we do. We look with our eyes, think with our mind and get in a lot of trouble. And then we’re not encouraged to keep on keeping on because we’re weighing results - we’re feeling like we’re doing something wrong - “Why isn’t God moving when I pray?”3

Remaining in faith - not a method - a relationship - a lifestyle - not one or the other - (:46)
Remaining in faith - keep your heart in faith - not hit/miss, win/lose - Dan Mohler (:55)
Remaining in faith - not hit/miss, win/lose - back out humbly - (1:04)

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