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Dan Mohler - Overcoming Apprehension

Dan Mohler on overcoming apprehension:

Watch. “These signs will follow those that [believe].” What’s the first sign - healing?... The first sign is they will what? … lay their hands on the sick. The fact that we’re not stopping the sick to lay hands on them reveals we don’t believe. How’s that? Are you following? The fact that we’re not just stopping the sick to lay hands on them reveals that we don’t believe because the first sign of a believer is get your hands on the sick. If you believe you’ll put your hands on the sick. That’s before healing. But we have so many issues with healing that it’s causing unbelief and we won’t even put our hands out there to reveal that we don’t believe. So when you fail to lay your hands on the sick you’re actually confessing, “I don’t believe.” I know that’s a straight and forward word but see, we’re just thinking too much. We’ve got to get our hands on the sick. Now it doesn’t mean we don’t believe that Jesus heals. What it means is we have issues with ourselves and Him healing through us. It doesn’t mean that we don’t believe He heals. You can believe Jesus heals but never lay hands on the sick. Why? Because you’ve not gotten the revelation of your own birthright, your own inheritance. What’s happening in our heart is, “This is my privilege. This is my birthright.” Do you know what I mean? So you lay hands on the sick. We get so caught up - here’s the stuff we do, “Well, wonder if God doesn’t show up? Wonder if He doesn’t heal? Wonder if…” And we’ve got all these things that are uncertain now that confirm there’s no belief.1

What you live is what you believe. If you believe you lay hands on the sick. It’s simple. If you don’t lay hands on the sick it means that you struggle if God will heal through you - if you are qualified - if you got it. You might believe that He heals but you sure don’t believe He heals through you or you’ll get your hands on somebody. Because it says that the faith of a believer will cause him to lay hands on the sick. Come on, it’s simple. It’s cutting. I know. I feel that. It’s not to condemn you. It’s to challenge you. The first sign of a believer isn’t the healing. We get so caught up in the healing and confused that we don’t even lay on our hand so we prove that we don’t know what to believe. But the first sign of a believer concerning healing is get your hands on somebody. It shows you believe. So just get your hands on somebody. I heard Randy Clark say something so simple. He’s a beautiful man. He said, “Listen guys, I’m just convinced of this … the more people we pray for the more things we’ll see. Just pray for the sick.” I’m like yay, way to go Randy. That’s simple. We can do that. Can’t you? Because it’s not you. It’s not  your prayer. It’s what you believe about His love for the person. So you’ve got nothing to lose. Why is it about you? Why would you draw back? It’s not about you. It’s about God loving them. It’s about you believing that enough that you would lay your hands. It’s not about failing God - misrepresenting the gospel. It’s about showing people that you have courage and hope and faith in the truth. Come on. “Well, I don’t pray for them because if that pain doesn’t go away then I’ve just misrepresent the gospel.” Come on. The person in the mall that you just walk up was not thinking about being healed today. They’re not broken hearted if the pain is still there. They’re actually amazed that you cared and took the time to stop and pray for them. They’re not going, “Man, they built my hopes up and crushed me.” That is silly. That is not what’s happening. That faith doesn’t stop there. Faith believes. “Thank you mam. Listen, I can see that you’re in a hurry and I’m honored that you let me come into your little world, right here, and cross the lines of your privacy and pray for you. And I know you said you’re still feeling that pain but I’m really excited because I read in my Bible that if I lay hands on the sick they’ll recover. And I’m asking you to just be encouraged. Check that body. And I’m just in faith. And when I think of you and see your face today, I’m going to say, “God, I thanks for what you are doing in that precious woman’s life.” By then she’s got tears in her eyes because she can tell that you are for real and you actually care about her. And you walk away and you’ve lost nothing. You’ve given her the Kingdom. You’ve released something that’s there. And you watch and see what God starts doing if you’ll live like that.2

One of the biggest reasons people don’t pray for the sick is because they’re afraid God won’t move. That’s even bigger than what the people will think about them. The bigger thing in people isn’t “What will people think of me?” it’s “Wonder if God doesn’t show up?” I’ve found in the years of traveling and preaching on this stuff that the number one hold back in people is, “Wonder if they don’t get healed?”  If you’re wondering that and you’re letting that be you hesitancy and your motive for hesitancy when are you ever going to get past that? When are you ever going to go into your bedroom and pray enough to come out like phone booth Superman Christian? “Bring on the world baby!”  You are going to be required of faith every step you take. Your mind is going to try to play tricks. Your emotions are going to try to speak to you. You’re not going to go pray long enough in your bedroom to come out and just be caped - S.C. on your cape - Super Christian. “Look out world, here I come.”  You’re going to find that every time you approach people it’s faith working through love - faith working through love. Sometimes you feel more confident than others. Sometimes you see more than you see other times. Sometimes I tell people, “Let’s pray. That’s coming out of you.” And I say it aggressive and strong. And bam it just happens. I’d love to just say that but I don’t find myself doing that every time. [I’m] not trying to figure that out. I’m just going with the flow and I’m growing up in Him. If I turn that into a technique, then I’m going to start saying that because that’s my desire and I’m going to make the declaration and it isn’t going to happen. It’s not a technique. It’s not a textbook - there’s just things you grow in. I go with my heart, not with my head. I flow with my heart. You see what I mean? But here’s the deal. It’s about loving people. It’s about making contact. It’s about sowing seed. We have all these things, “Well, I don’t want to misrepresent the gospel. Well if they’re not healed they’re going to be even more let down. Well, I’m going to make the Kingdom look bad.” I hear people say all that stuff. Those people are going through their day shopping. They don’t have a hope. They’re not even thinking about being healed probably. And they sure aren’t expecting you to come up and pray for them probably. You’re opening a door that wasn’t even there before. You’re showing them something they weren’t even considering. You’re showing them a love that’s unconditional. You’re showing them a love that’s sincere for their sake. You’re sending a message to them that ought to be sent to every human being. That ought to be the priority of our motivation and through that love, faith works.3

Well they can’t reject you because you’re not touching them for you. You’re touching them for them. So if they can reject you, you’ve got to regroup on what’s motivating you. If they can reject you and disappoint you and hurt you, you’ve got to question who you’re doing this for - you to feel better about yourself spiritually or you to love them. How can I be rejected…How can Chris possibly reject me if I don’t approach Chris for me - I approach Chris for Chris? If anything my heart just yearns and aches for him more and has more mercy for him if he rejects me seemingly. Right? Do you see what I’m saying? Because I didn’t approach him for me. It’s called love. And love doesn’t seek its own. It takes no account of a suffered wrong. And it never fails.4 

If they curse you and tell you to get away from me, “you soliciting religious freak!” What have you lost? If you’re hurt at that moment, if you’re taken back you need to reevaluate the why behind your life. Because if you’re praying for them for you, you will be hurt. But if you’re praying for them for them, you’ll hurt for them. Why are you so rejected? The teachings and prayer lines [lining up for prayer] for rejection in the church is a tragedy to my own heart because it means we’re failing to see we’re already accepted - if we can be rejected. It’s impossible to reject me. I’m in. I’m not out. I’m accepted. I’m loved by God. I want you to like me. But if you decide not to like me I’m loved by God and I just know how to love you. And I’ll just pray for you. You can’t take anything from that. You can’t touch that. I’m not on the earth to be loved by you. I’m on the earth to love you.5
If you’re conscious of you and what you’re doing wrong and “why did she reject me?” and all that stuff, that’s why you need to go sit on your bed and pop in a CD and die [to yourself]. [laughter] Ok? Because that’s the part that’s stumbling the expression of who God is. Because it can’t flow through you. It flows through Him in you. And you see yourself in Him. And it’s just that relationship is huge. So, I’m that simple teaching on the gifts today. But I’m saying don’t hold back with little impressions you get. And don’t discount them all and, “Oh that’s just me.” You might be amazed how when you’re in fellowship with God pursuing love and sincere and you’re earnestly desiring for the right reasons, you might be amazed how much it’s just not you. Ok?  So you get around people, you get little words, encouragements, “Hey I don’t know, I’m just feeling like, man I’m just feeling like it’s important to say this to you…” And you might just give them one phrase that cheers them on - a person in your life. It could be a person that you know, don’t hardly know or never met. It doesn’t matter. You’ll find yourself moving in that stuff more and more. Do you see what I’m saying? And the more you’re obedient with it and step out into it… I don’t know that God is blessing that as much as you’re becoming more confident in your hearing ears and just going, “Yeah, this is God.” But it’ll increase. So whether God is just blessing your faithfulness, however you want to teach that, or you’re just growing more confident in the fact that God is in fact speaking to you. And now it’s all the voice of God. Do you see what I mean? So that’s how simple I was keeping that today. I really don’t have much more that I feel in my heart I want to say. Pursue love, desire spiritual gifts. Desire the best gifts. There’s a more excellent way - knowing Him - becoming like Him. Amen?6 - Dan Mohler 

We were born into Adam. God has taken us out of Adam and placed us in the Christ. Colossians 1 [:27-28] says that the Christ in you is the hope of glory. And that’s the mystery that’s been revealed to the gentiles. And Paul said, “It’s Him we teach and we warn and we preach every man until that becomes complete” - the Christ in us. So what’s the “hope of the glory of God” in my life? The “glory” very simply meaning the manifest attributes of God, the visual awareness, the seeing of God’s movement. “Glory” can be summed up as any manifest attribute of God - that’s not to make light of the word “glory” - that’s to bring it into a nutshell definition we can embrace - any manifest attribute of God. So the Christ in me is the hope of the manifestation of God. Oh my gosh, so when you pray at the roadside stand or [with] the alcoholic with no shirt and he says, “What in the bleep is happening?” her hope of the manifest attribute of God is the Christ in her that’s flowing out of her because you’re releasing faith that’s working through love. All of the sudden she can walk by this guy and say whatever or [s]he can look and say he needs love. Now that’s the difference between walking with Jesus intimately or not being so sure. Because then self-consciousness, self-awareness, insecurity, low esteem kicks in and we don’t open our mouth and release the kingdom. But wonder if the Christ in you is the hope glory and He dominates your identity and all of the sudden you see who you are in Him and you can’t contain it. Isn’t that cool? That’s really cool.7  

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