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Bill Johnson - What about Job?

…Whatever you think you know about God that can’t be found in the person of Jesus, you have reason to question. Jesus illustrates the Father perfectly. The Old Testament cannot be given the authority to trump the person of Jesus and what is revealed in the nature and the heart of God in that revelation. And so I get fascinated with Jesus as He modeled life for us. He wasn’t just a parenthesis. He wasn’t just a comma. You know, people ask me questions, “Well, what about Job?” when I teach on certain subjects and my response is, “I’m not a disciple of Job. I’m a disciple of Jesus. Job is the question. Jesus is the answer.” You know, the Old Testament is filled with questions, not conclusions. The conclusions come in the person of Jesus - the One who perfectly illustrates and manifests the nature of the Father. And since He’s better than we think, we need to change the way we think.1


1 - Bill Johnson from the YouTube video “Bill Johnson - Hosting the Presence of the Lord” at the [6:20] mark.