Dan Mohler - Jesus' life lived is the truth about your life

It’s so important to establish who you are and why. … Sometimes we are flat out our own worst enemy. The gospel is speaking all this truth and we’ve got these little “yeah buts” going on in our head. And then we’re identifying ourselves through the lives we’ve lived or the things that were implied. But you’ve got to get back to square one and it’s the truth - the truth - the truth. Jesus said, “I am the truth.” So He’s not just preaching truth, He is the truth. So His life lived is the truth about your calling and your life lived. You have the same access to the Father. Some people don’t believe that. Who grew up with this mentality and was projected on with this mentality? “Well, that was Jesus.”  Our whole lives! “Father I pray that they are one as we are one - I in them and you in me.” Hello…sounds like we’re one…. Do you hear how simple that is if we just give ourselves to it and don’t let anything else be truth? We let other things be truth in our minds and hearts. He’s the truth. He’s not a truth. He’s the truth. He’s not an avenue to the Father. He’s the way to the Father. - Dan Mohler1 

1. Dan Mohler - 2010 Kingdom Living School W1S3A  [0:05:00]