Dan Mohler - Jesus' life - no sin barrier - union and communion

His life was the truth about who we were created to be. Keep it that simple. Jesus’ life is the truth about what we’re created to be. Everything you see in His life is ours by the grace, by the availability of God. God wants us to walk in everything we see in Jesus’ life or Jesus would have never said, “Follow me.”…So Jesus’ life is a life modeled with no sin barrier. He’s right with God. He’s intimate with God. He always does the things that please the Father. He only does what He sees the Father doing - says what He hears the Father say. And yet He says, “Follow me.” So He modeled a life with no sin barrier - total union - total communion with God. Sounds like John [15]:7 “Abide in me, let my word abide in you, whatever you ask it shall be given.”1 

1. Dan Mohler - 2010 Kingdom Living School W1S3A  [0:00:50]