Dan Mohler - Jesus is the truth about me

Dan Mohler on Jesus as the truth about me:

He [Jesus] is the truth about your life and what your life is called to. He’s not just the truth about the Father. Watch this. He’s the truth about you. He reveals what you’re created for. He reveals what your life is predestined for. Without Jesus, life would be an experiment - a guessing game - trial by error - survival - whatever. But now that He’s come we understand why we are. Does that make sense? That’s why He’s our everything. Why is He our everything? Sometimes I think we think He’s our everything because He can meet all our needs or make finances flow if we need them or give us a job - He’s our everything because He can make our bodies feel better or whatever - and we NEED Him. He’s our everything because without Him we’d have no identity - no true identity. I find myself in Him. Do you understand that? That’s why when you watch The Passion you can cry so much now. That’s why you’re done. Because you realize - you’re getting the significance now. And it’s hitting you personally - where it’s for you. The Father loves you. Papa knows you. It’s not just a story for everybody (even though it is) but it’s for you.1 

1. Dan Mohler - 2010 Kingdom Living School W5S20A [31:10]