Dan Mohler - Destiny

You’ve got to think this way through the life of Jesus. He’s the living epistle of love. He’s the expression of the Father but He’s also the expression of us and our lives to live. So in other words, I can’t see Jesus without seeing the Father, and on the same hand, I can’t see Jesus without seeing the destiny of my own life. See, when I see Him clear, I find me there. I won’t find Him apart from me if I understand. Now if you’d be honest we haven’t understood.  We’ve let so many other things determine our encouragement, our motivation, our emotional life. We’ve let so many other factors determine our lives. Haven’t we? Honestly? I know I used to. I’m not going to stand here and tell you I do anymore. I’m consumed by what I’m telling you. I really am. And it’s in me. I think it. I sleep it. I wake up in it. It’s become my reality. - Dan Mohler1

1. Dan Mohler - 2010 Kingdom Living School W1S3A  [0:16:25]