Dan Mohler

Founder - Neck Ministries

Pastoral Staff of Harvest Chapel

Dan Mohler travels the country loving people and encouraging others toward becoming the people God created them to be. His engaging messages (not sermons) are filled with helpful real life illustrations. And His examples of prayer, with personal, straight forward language illustrate the intimate communion that is possible with our Heavenly Father.

Dan Mohler Resources:

Hundreds of hours of Pastor Dan’s talks are available on YouTube. Most often these videos are from speaking events at local congregations. They typically include a time of worship, an encouragement by Pastor Dan and sometimes are followed by a time of training the congregation to pray for the sick. Dan’s passion seems to be all about encouraging / calling the body of Christ to know God, being transformed by Him back to love and loving people as we go through life - one aspect of that love being healing. A simple YouTube search of “Dan Mohler” will bring up a tremendous volume of videos for viewing.

In 2011 Harvest Chapel hosted a 13-week school called Harvest Chapel School of Kingdom Living. Dan served as lead speaker for this school which met for about 3 hours a day. This unique format allowed Dan to speak in rich detail on the Gospel and share many stories from his own life as illustrations. Students were able to freely ask questions and receive clarifications. These sessions also encompassed times of prayer and the sacrament of communion. All of these messages are available on YouTube (search on “hcskl 2011” or “hcskl Dan Mohler”). Dan teaches on days 1-13, 15, 17-23, 30-40, 44, 46-51.

Dan has served as a session leader at several Power and Love conferences. He appears in at least one session with his close friend Todd White. Some of those full length sessions are available on YouTube (search “schoolofpowerandlove Dan Mohler”) and the remainder may be purchased from Power and Love Ministries.

Several videos of Pastor Dan speaking at his home church are available on YouTube by searching on “Dan Mohler harvestchapelpa.”

In addition to these YouTube videos there are many websites which offer Dan Mohler audio teachings - including Neck Ministries “teachings” page. This page includes the entire 2010 Kingdom Living School. For more audio teachings try a Google search of “Dan Mohler mp3”, “Dan Mohler podcast” or “Dan Mohler audio.”

Dan doesn’t post his speaking schedule / itinerary on the web but from time to time host churches will publish an open invitation to a specific event.

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