Dan Mohler Quotes on Purpose

Manifesting God

America has sold the gospel very short. All we do is preach, “Pray a prayer to go to heaven. If you die tonight and don’t know where you are going raise your hand and we’ll fix that right now and pray this little prayer. [It] Has nothing to do with transformation of life - putting off the old - putting on the new - wearing Christ - putting on the image of God. Jesus shed His blood to restore you back to His image and the value you were created in the first place. “Let us make man in our image and in the likeness of God He [made them].” That’s your roots and inheritance. The Spirit of God has come to live in you to manifest Christ through you. That’s why you’re a Christian. If you think you’re a Christian to go to heaven someday you’re misunderstanding the gospel. You’re a Christian to let your light so shine before men that they see your life - your good works and go, “Wow, there is a God in heaven.” You’re a Christian to become love. You’re a Christian to manifest who God is. The image of God is love. It doesn’t mean a head, two arms and two legs. The image of God is the nature of God. It’s the divine nature of God. It’s love. Everything comes out of love. - Dan Mohler1


I was never created for me. I was created for the image of God. I was created for people to see me - and see Him through me and experience Him through me and know Him through me. - Dan Mohler2


When They See Him

If people really saw Him in us, they would want Him - because He is beautiful. He’s beautiful. Who wouldn’t want a God like this? But here’s what we don’t understand. They only see the God that we understand and manifest. The only God they see is the God that’s in you. And if you don’t believe He’s in you, how do you reveal Him? Oh you can talk about Him. But why does somebody want what they can’t see in your life? And all of the sudden you reduce life by the Spirit to a doctrinal, intellectual debate or a coffee table conference instead of a life lived in a manifestation of His love. You guys following me on this? This isn’t heavy. It’s not condemning. It’s a gift. It’s our birthright. It’s a privilege. It’s where we’re called. I’m not called to just tell you about Him. I’m called to show you who He is. - Dan Mohler3


First Love

And the Spirit of God came upon me and He said, “No man loves me first but except that He sees my first love and you are the expression of my love.” And I balled and balled and realized how we, if we’re not careful, as the church, are trying to tell him [Billy] to straighten up instead of just giving him first love. Trying to tell them [people like Billy] why he’s the reason for his mess instead of just giving him first love so that He can have access to his heart and deal with the lies and get him straight. The Holy Spirit came upon me - this man, Billy - a street fellow for years - looks me in the eyes and says, “I think I can say, ‘I love you.’” And I just [lost it]. I said, “Look Billy, Billy, you’ve got to go man. Get out of my truck.” I was just crying. I pulled up the road a little and [wept]. And Holy Spirit is pouring on me. “People need to see who I am. It’s not about them changing. They need to see who I am. They need to know who I am.” And He told me that I have the great honor of revealing that. Guess what honor you have? - Dan Mohler4

Sowing Seed

“The kingdom of God is as if a man should scatter seed on the ground.” Man - the kingdom of God - everyone wants to know what the kingdom of God is like. Well we know “your kingdom come, your will be done on earth” but here’s a principle of how the kingdom works - multiplication. You scatter seed on the ground. You sow something for something to grow. You’re not the end result of that something. You’re the sower of that something. God’s the supernatural power that brings it to pass but you sow the seed. Sometimes you’re just tilling and plowing the ground of a person’s heart. And somebody else that is walking in divine purpose and understanding sows seed into that ground. Somebody else comes along like yourselves and just waters that seed. And God’s on it. He understands this whole process. Isn’t that sweet? It’s just amazing. Let’s not lose sight of that and make this thing so difficult. Let’s not carry some thing on our shoulder that is too heavy to bear that Jesus didn’t ask... If the burden isn’t light and the yoke is not easy it’s not Jesus. If it’s not out of rest, it’s out of flesh. Come on. It’s out of rest. “Come unto me and I’ll give you rest.” And from the place of rest we cease from our own works and we become love. We’re not trying to “save” people. We’re loving people and God saves them. It’s so simple to me. - Dan Mohler5

We are His Dividend

Jesus is a seed. Each seed produces after its own kind. Jesus is a seed that fell to the ground that springs up and bears much fruit of the same kind - each seed after its own kind. “Unless a seed dies and falls to the ground it abides alone.” So that’s why we die - to get into the gospel - we die so that we don’t just keep abiding alone. We die so we can really live and we’ll spring up and bear much fruit. So Jesus was a divine deposit into the earth to reap an amazing dividend of increase after what was deposited. Right? You deposit and invest cash into something and what’s your dividend in the natural? A whole lot more cash - same value - same currency - it’s the same. So you give to reproduce that after its own kind. It’s an investment. There’s a “glory of His inheritance” - His inheritance - I think we think that means Him and all the things He gives us. I really think that His “inheritance in the saints” - there’s a whole lot of saints - it’s amazing He used the word saints - His inheritance in the saints - I see just as much as Jesus depositing His blood into the earth and we’re the dividends of God. We’re on His IRS tax return. He has received great increase from what He has sown. He put one child into the earth and received a whole bunch of children. Do you get it? He was willing to shed one man’s blood and now He has an army of people not afraid to shed their blood. - Dan Mohler6  

Our Opportunity

This Little Window called Life

The goal was not everlasting life. The goal was transformation and Christ likeness and you manifesting your Father all the days of your life. You get this little window called life, this little gift, not hardship and headache, this little gift called life to mark society, to mark community, to mark humanity with the truth. You can be a kingdom of God guy and girl and just sow seed everywhere you go. The kingdom of God is as if a man just scatters seed. You sow in the lives people through your attitude, your perspective, your nature. - Dan Mohler7

Leave a Legacy 

Do you know that that’s why he says, “Unless a seed dies and falls to the ground it abides alone?” If you’re just living for yourself, all you can produce is for you. So in the end of your life, your only legacy is - live for you - and you’re the only one there. It’s still a seed and nothing is produced. There’s no legacy. But if you die, you’ll spring up and bear much fruit and you’ll multiply love and you’ll encourage and bless and forgive and make peace. And at the end of your journey you will have an amazing legacy of a life lived for glorify God. That’s the simple truth of the matter. - Dan Mohler8

One More Day to Manifest Papa

Mercy woke you up today, to give you just another day, an opportunity, to look like your Father. That’s why you’re alive - number one reason is to look like Papa. Go ahead and enjoy your life, make good friends, find the most amazing spouse and partner, have an incredible life, take a glorious vacation, have an incredible IRA but the whole time you are doing all that stuff, look like Him and don’t let anything waver you or change you. Manifest the Son of God. That word of God is so extreme it tells you to work out your own salvation with fear and trembling because its God who is working in you both to will and do for his good pleasure, therefore do all things without grumbling or complaining so you can shine as a light as innocent harmless children in the midst of a twisted world as a light holding forth God’s word. That’s in your Bible. [It] says do all things without grumbling and complaining so that you can prove to the world that are for real and they see you as innocent and harmless and they go, “Wow, I see God in you, you are a different kind of person.” And you shine as a light and hold forth the word of light. - Dan Mohler9

Roster of Heaven

You’re the only hope of the world truly seeing Him and knowing Him. Your life is the only barometer that anybody will ever have. It’s your life. You’re the roster of heaven. You’re the best He’s got. You’re in the game. You’re not on the bench. You’re not a sub. You’re not a backup squad. You’re not a “B” team. You’re the body of Christ. Listen - the body of Christ - the embodiment of Christ - you embody Him - He lives in you. And let your light so [shine]. Doesn’t say fall apart when you run into trouble. It says, “Let your light so shine.” This isn’t complain and call the pastor when things aren’t going right. It says, “Let your light shine.” - Dan Mohler10

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