Dan Mohler Quotes on Identity and Value

Created Identity - I was created in the image of God, to look like Him, most importantly love.

Created for God’s image

“So God created man,” whoa, “in His own image. In the image of God, He created him.” Do you see He keeps repeating this? “Let us make man in our image.” So God did it. He created man in His image. “In the image of God He created him.” [It] sounds almost redundant. He says it twice. He wants us to see that, right? And then guess what He did. Man, He did not curse us, He blessed us. “…and said to them be fruitful and multiply. Fill the earth and subdue it” - have dominion. That’s not some power trip. What did He do? He created us in His image and then said, “Multiply and fill the earth with My image.” He’s not talking about people - numbers. He’s emphasizing that He made us in His image. “Now fill the earth and multiply it. And fill the earth with Me.” [Do] you get it? See, it’s one thing to say you’re a son, it’s one thing to say you’re a daughter, it’s another thing to walk in the image and nature of God and understand that it’s your destiny, your calling, your birthright. Your birthright is to walk in the image of God. And the image of God is love.  - Dan Mohler 1


Created as a revelation of God’s nature, His love

When they were in that garden - be fruitful and multiply - what was God’s plan? They were the revelation of God on the earth. They were made in God’s image. So they were the glory of God revealed. That is not blasphemous. That is the truth. The word “glory” means any manifest attribute of God. You don’t need a three day conference, even though you could do one, on glory. I’m not making fun. Very simply defined, the glory of God is any manifest attribute of God. So the Christ in you is the hope of the glory of God. What’s that mean? The Christ in you is the hope of manifesting God. Why did He put Christ in you? To get you back to what you were created to be - His image. This is so simple. So He makes man in His image. Man is the glory of God revealed on the earth - the nature of God - the love of God. - Dan Mohler 2


Created as sons and daughters

“Father God” - I came forth from the source of life. Matthew 23:9 says, “Call no man on earth your father…” That doesn’t mean you’re sinning on father’s day if you send him a card. What it means is - He says you have one Father and He’s in heaven. Because the word “father” in that term means is to come forth from. What it means is don’t limit, regulate or identify your life by natural means - hereditary or biological existence. You have one reason for being here because God said, “Let there be man in our image.” And He made man in His image. Call no man on earth your father. Don’t say, “Well, you don’t know my upbringing.” It has nothing to do with who you are and who you were created to be. “Well, you don’t know what it was like when I was growing up.” I understand and I’m sorry but that changes now that Christ has come. Why do we keep painting the picture of what was now that He’s come? - Dan Mohler 3  


Created Value - He loves who He created me to be. I’m worth the blood of His Son.

Christ crucified is the ultimate indicator of God’s love for me.

The measuring stick of God’s love is Christ crucified. The way that I know, that I know, that I know, that I know God loves me isn’t because things are going the way I prefer all the time. It isn’t because everybody around me I love is making the right choices. It’s because Christ came, died and rose again and sits at the right hand of almighty God. That’s how I know God loves me - period. And if you don’t settle that in your heart life is going to speak louder than the truth. And all of the sudden you’ll have this, “Well, I thought you loved me. Well, if you love me then how come - if God loved me then why?” And you won’t even be able to hear somebody preach on God’s love because you’re raging with questions and issues and attitudes based on the things you’re going through instead of what He went through. - Dan Mohler 4


God never lost sight of who He created me to be.

Here’s good news. No matter what man did from the garden on, God never lost sight of what He made man to be. God knows who every one of us is. He knows who you are. On your darkest, most deceived, even willful day, He didn’t lose sight of you. So in the fullness of time, in due time, like a root out of dry ground, He sent His Son - dry and thirsty land - He sent His Son. Why? To put on the likeness of sinful flesh and become what we were so we could be transformed back into what He is - a son. So did He come because we are “sinners” or did He come because we are lost sons and daughters and our value and our destiny and our heritage was lost, it seemed, but yet not in the sight of God? So He brought His Son through the… Get this. Come on. Either you get religious and get “Easter / Christmas” with Jesus or you think and go, “Whoa - God of the universe put Himself inside the womb of a woman.” [He] hung out there for nine months. Come on. God of the universe - He must value us so much. He must know something about our potential and our destiny. He must know how vital it is for us to be transformed back into His image that He would come in the likeness of sinful flesh so we could be restored back into the power of the Spirit. He was separated from God so we could be joined forever. He died so we never will. He must think a lot about people. - Dan Mohler 5


To Him I’m the pearl of great price, the treasure in a field.

Let’s face it. You’re the pearl of great price to God the Father. That’s not blasphemy. That’s the gospel. You’re the treasure in a field. To me He is, but to Him I am. - Dan Mohler 6


He made me to live in me.

You’re prime real estate. You’re a house built for a King. He doesn’t want to live in a temple made with hands. He made you to dwell in you - to be one with you. And when that got lost it’s worth any price redeem and restore. You have to understand, the gospel reveals your value and the unfailing love of God toward your life no matter what - where you’ve been - what you’ve done - how you’ve acted - how you’ve thought.  Because God sees past all that and knows who you are in the first place. - Dan Mohler 7


I must be valuable because of the price He paid.

Why would He die on a cross if you weren’t worth anything? Who pays such a high ridiculous price for nothing? I know you people. You don’t write the check unless you’re sure you got a bargain. Every man comes home with the car and he’s telling his wife he got the best deal in town. “I raked him down so low he ain’t making no commission. I got the best buy.” And the reason you wrote the check is because what you got is worth the price. Well why would He pay such a ridiculous high price as the blood of His Son to obtain you if He didn’t think the purchased possession was worth it? - Dan Mohler 8


His love is not a mystery. He loves who He created me to be.

The love of God was never intended to be a mystery. Like, the church is still puzzled over the love of God. We sing songs - why He would love us so? And it’s a big question mark, like, “Why would He love me?” Come on. Who’s ever heard that phrase and who’s ever thought, “Well why would God ever love me?” The only reason we’re struggling - the only reason it’s a mystery is because we’re weighing and assessing our value based life and our life’s performance. And then we’re looking at our assessment, we’re looking at rap sheet and we’re wondering what there is to love about me. Well that’s not what God loves, that’s what God changes. See what God loves is who He created you to be. God loves your destiny. God loves your heritage in the Lord. God loves your potential - your created value. See we’re trying to find the love of God in some mystical way. And we’re trying to relate to how God can love me but we’re identifying me based on the life we know. That’s the life that dies. That’s the life that we say no to. That’s the life that we put off. What we realize is we were living what we were never created to be. We were born into a lie. We were born into Adam and we must be born again. And because God never lost sight of our created value, our destiny, our potential, He never changed His mind about our value. So He seems to think it’s worth the blood of His Son Jesus for you and me to live. So He must see a whole lot more than we’ve produced. He must know what we look like when He’s inside of us. He must know what we are capable of in the Holy Ghost. Do you get it? So the love of God is not a mystery. Please don’t get trapped ever again saying, “I can’t believe God would love me.” Believe it, because He loves what He created you to be. He loves your destiny. He paid the price for you to write legacy not to mull around in where you’ve been and what you’ve done. That’s not who you are. “Forgive them Father. They know not what they do.” He came to shine the light on that kind of darkness to change your life forever. It’s not like, “Well, we’re always sinners. Well, you know, we’re just going to get messed up. It’s a wonder God even considers us.” He doesn’t tolerate you. He loves you. - Dan Mohler 9


I’m not a mistake.

You weren’t just called to go to church. You weren’t just called to attend youth group. You weren’t just called to “better read my Bible, I’m a Christian.” You’re called to know Him. And He has known us from the beginning. Because there is a time to be born and before time He saw your day. And He predestined you before time to be sons and daughters through Christ. Ephesians 1 tells us that. Your life’s not an accident. That’s impossible. The only reason we think life is not worth living is because life has defined our value. But the cross defines our value. - Dan Mohler 10

1.  Adam & Eve - fill the earth and subdue it - fill the earth with His love - Dan Mohler (1:36) 
2.  Adam & Eve - revelation of God on the earth - glory - love of God - (1:00) 
3.  Sons & daughters - one Father - call no man on earth your father - to come forth from - (:55)
4.  Measuring stick of God's love - settle this first - Dan Mohler (:46)
5.  God never lost sight of who He made you to be - darkest day - lost sons & daughters - (1:50)
6.  Pearl of great price - treasure in a field - (:17) 
7.  House for God - worth any price - (:31) 
8.  High price paid for good value - bargain - (:39) 
9.  Why would God love me? - we evaluate on performance - He sees what we were created to be - (2:30)
10. You're the will of God - not an accident - He knew us before time - Eph. 1:4 - (:29)