Dan Mohler - You ask amiss

And he would keep calling me, “Why isn’t my prayer working?” “Probably because it’s ‘amiss your own lusts and desire.’” That’s what it says, that your prayer is not answered when it’s “amiss, your own lusts and desire.” When you just need somebody to change for your sake, you’ve lost sight of the value of the person, selflessness - you’ve lost sight of love, honestly. When the prayer is just how God moving on them will benefit you and make your day better, don’t even bother praying that stuff. You’ll do injustice to your own heart. You’ll actually teach yourself… It will be one of those, “But you have heard it said…” You’ll camp in that arena instead of, “But I say to you.” You want to make the transition into, “But I say to you.” Do you get it? This stuff that we’re talking about right now goes on everyday in the church - everyday - wrong motives in prayer - hurt motivated prayer - hurt motivated prayer. - Dan Mohler1

1. Dan Mohler at 2010 Kingdom Living School W624A [16:20]