Dan Mohler - Examples of Prayer

“When nobody’s looking you lift your hands - and when nobody’s looking - not to put on a show - between you and Jesus, ‘Father you love me and my life is full of purpose. You have washed me completely clean through the blood of Jesus. I’m not waiting to get the wrinkles out. You took them out. I’m not waiting to get spotless. You wiped them away. The blood has washed me and made me white as snow.  You look upon me and rejoice and smile at the work righteousness has done and I look to you and say, ‘I thank you I’m a son.’’ That’s called communion and prayer. ‘Father I thank you that I am a good tree - the planting of the Lord - a righteous tree that you might be glorified. Today there is fruit hanging all over me because I know who I am. And God people are going to eat of me and be satisfied because of the Spirit of God that lives inside of me.”  - Dan Mohler - YouTube video title: June 7, 2013  at [0:48] minute mark with (:49) second duration

“’Thanks your love is amazing for me. The value you see me - the eyes you see me through are refining, are life giving, are redeeming, God. I feel so clean standing here because your love has penetrated my heart. And I have no desire to live for my flesh. I want to grow up into you and manifest sonship. Thank You for Your amazing love.’ That’s communion with God. That’s prayer. Some of us need to hear those examples because we don’t understand how to commune.  ‘God thank You that I am the desire of your heart - that you paid the highest price possible so that you could live in me because you know my potential. You know my purpose. You know my created value. You’re the one that predestined me from the beginning. And I’m here. And I’m your will. I can’t be a mistake. I’m not born out of time. I’m right on time. And you are my Father. Thank You for erasing the consciousness of sin. Weakness isn’t before me. Your strength is imputed and imparted to me. And God I thank you for your goodness.’” - Dan Mohler @ SpringHill, TN (7/17/10) Evening [1:26] (1:04)   

“Father you love me. Thank you. Open up the eyes of my understanding, my heart. Cause me to see and know you more. I yield myself to you the best I understand. The best I know how - I say my life is yours. The ‘want to’ of my heart says ‘yes’ to you. And I thank you that grace is sufficient. You’re molding me. You’re shaping me. You’re changing my eyes. You’re turning my heart. You’re fashioning me in your image. And I thank you for your grace working in my life. I’m not trouble shooting. I’m not fault finding. I’m not criticizing myself today. I’m thanking you you’re doing a work in me to manifest your Son. You’re glorifying your name through my life because you’re building me on the inside in your kingdom and for your glory. And I thank you for it. I rejoice. You are the One that is Lord of my life Jesus. And I give myself to you.’ It’s important to pray like that and talk like that to the Lord.” - HCSKL 2011 Day 3 - Dan Mohler [0:03](1:02)

“Just talk to Him. Just commune with Him. ‘You’re amazing. Thanks for loving me. Thanks for seeing my life clean and pure. Thanks that you don’t even see one weakness or failure. You see purpose and potential. And I yield to that.  And your grace makes me all those things. Thank you! That I am able to see into the hearts of men. Thank you for just getting around people and seeing their value - that your eyes become one with my eyes. Thank you you let me see what you see. Life is so fun in you. I’m so glad you created me in your image.’ I do that all the time.” - Dan Mohler @ SpringHill, TN (7/16/10) [0:34] (:41)

“Father thank you that you love me and that you have forgiven me through the blood of Jesus of everything I have ever done. And God I stand before you accepted and righteous. And you are doing a work in me that is awesome. And I just yield to it. And I say keep fashioning my heart to think like you and see like you. And when I go to work today I am thankful to be alive, thankful to have a job. And those people around me are precious. They are not annoying. God I used to think that they were annoying and that you needed to change them but no, you changed me. You have a different way. You’re letting me be the light in a dark place - and what an honor to carry your kingdom. Man, I can’t wait to go to work.” - Dan Mohler at BMS 02 02 13 Part 1 [0:28] (:48)

“No matter how low you’re feeling it’s time to get alone and close the door to the bedroom and say, ’Father, I’m coming to you by faith. What else could the gospel mean but you love me and you’re for me? And I don’t feel all that loved right now but you know what? You have to love me or you would’ve never sent your Son. You cried from the heavens ‘I love you, Dan.’ And today I receive your love. And I thank you my life is so worth living. And I thank you that all these things I realized that are trying to beat me down are lies from Hell, and the enemy, and the world. God the truth is in Christ and I am pursuing Him today. Thanks for forgiving me and making me clean through your blood.’ A lot of Christians don’t ever think that way, let alone pray that way.” - Dan Mohler @ Wheeling, WV (2/26/11) [0:37] (:49)

“Do you see how faith works? Faith says, ‘This isn’t who I am.’ Wonder if faith gets alone with God and wonder if the greatest you need is not somebody to pray you through that thing but you to get alone with God and say, ‘You know what Father? I’ve finally realized and I’m stepping out in boldness and faith. Those things that I have cried over for years have nothing to do with who I am today. And God no of those things I could go back and change so why am I camping there? They have been a rut. They have been a trap. They have been a trick. And I have tried to draw sympathy from men and didn’t even see what I was doing. None of that has a thing to do with who I am standing here. I am a man of God. (I am a woman of God.) I am your child. I am the one that you love and you have filled with your very Spirit. And I have more than overcome. You have called me out of the darkness into the light. You have sanctified me and set me apart from the things of the world. And the things that were designed to destroy me have failed because here I stand in you.” - Dan Mohler 9-28-13 His House Church Morning Session [0:39] (:55)

“Father, thank you that you love me so much. You absolutely, Jesus, came and died and shed your blood to forgive me of everything I’ve ever done so that all that you have created me to be I could stand and be. There’s nothing stopping me now. Your grace is sufficient for me. Your will is towards me. You absolutely love me. And the reason I’m alive today is to manifest your image. And I thank you for the grace that’s in my life that’s changing my heart, causing my eyes to agree with you, that when men look at me they get a good look at who you are…Father I have no desire to live for myself today - and love myself - I have no desire to just go after myself. I lay down myself the best I understand so that you can consume me and flow through me freely. Father no man today owes me a thing. I owe no man anything but to love. You made me to love. And I’m glad to be alive. What a day it’s going to be. Father, thank you for empowering me.” - Dan Mohler 9-27-13 His House Church Part 1 [0:49] (1:33)

“How do I put off anger without trying not to be angry? How do I put off anger without biting my lip and making it a resolution that I’m not going to be as angry as I used be and I’m going to get a grip on it… How do I put these things off without trying harder and being condemned in my failure? Who’s ever been in that cycle of Christianity? Here’s how. You get alone in relationship and start thanking Him that you were never made for yourself, for your own identity, for your own reputation or for the dictates of flesh, that you are a man or woman of the Spirit. ‘And Father everything that you made man to be is who I am on the inside. And you are restoring me to your image. Anger has nothing to do with my created value. I have no right to be angry. I have no right to be full of wrath and malice. I have no right to be jealous and proud because I have become love - because I have given that life over so that I could obtain you and you could live in me. Father, I thank you that you have made my heart full of mercy, full of love. I thank you that you are redeeming my emotions and my makeup.  And everything the world has taught me has been subdued by the One who lives inside of me. I thank you anger is not my lot in life but I am a man of love.’” - Your New Identity - Part 2 (Dan Mohler) Audio Only [1:02] (1:26)

“Father, I thank you you love me. God it’s obvious to me that you love me and see my value. And you’re raising the worth of my life just simply through the cross of Jesus Christ. Because, Jesus, you would’ve never died if my life weren’t worth living and if you didn’t want to live inside of me. So no matter what I don’t understand, and  what I feel like I’ve failed, I’m telling you with nobody looking, I give myself to you. Father me. Raise me up. Teach me. Give me understanding. And as I open up this book let it come alive inside of me… Man, I thank you that you see me apart from sin, and you see me as if I’ve never eaten that silly tree. I thank you that you see me as righteous in your sight. And you’ve redeemed me through the blood of Jesus Christ.” -  RHLC 1-9-2014 Dan Mohler at 230pm at Redemption House Life Center [0:37] (1:01)

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