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Just Another Flavor of the Prosperity Gospel? - Dan Mohler

Does Dan Mohler teach just another flavor of the prosperity gospel?


Dan Mohler on the true gospel: [Bracketed words added for clarity/context.]

Jesus said that there is folks that are going to run to Him. He's going to say, "Huh? Who are you?" " What? Come on, you've got to know me. I've listened to you in the streets. I supped with you. I hung out around you." Now I ain't questioning whether you are going to heaven or not. It gets people freaked out in America when you talk like this because the whole goal of Christianity in America has been going to heaven... We've been super deceived in this country - making the gospel all about blessing, provision, protection and going to heaven - not about transformation - image of God - becoming love and living in the Spirit - super deceived. Here's how you know [that we've been deceived] - because you have tons of discouraged Christians that attend church. Why [are they discouraged]? Because they are still self-conscious [i.e. self-centered, self-considering, self-focused] and they ain't catching a break and they're wondering why the promises ain't happening and some of them are even mad at God and ready to give up because their dream didn't come true. And [But] they forgot to do something important - to deny themselves, pick up their crosses and follow Him and seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness so that all these things He created you for [i.e. to become love] could be added unto you. Come on, I've never read any other gospel. But I've heard a lot of other gospel preached. I've heard the motive get twisted and shifted and all of the sudden it's beneficial [self-benefiting] instead of transforming. And all of the sudden it's what I get from from Him instead of what I become in Him... (@28:00)

Dan Mohler on the way he lives:

  • Living in the same modest home for decades - about 30 years. @57:25

  • Saying "no" to becoming a pastor on multiple occasions - "I'm just a warehouse worker in love with Jesus." @57:16 @1:15:02

  • Resolving to never become an itenerant preacher. @1:13:20 @2:28:05 @1:16:37

  • Eschewing a slick website - though many have offered to help him upgrade it for free. @4:10

  • Not asking for money through his website.

  • Not wanting the name of his ministry to be all about his own name. @1:11:05

  • Sidestepping the popular demand for writing a book - instead pointing people to THE book already written. - @2:10:00

  • Rebuking, as divisive, those who call for him to start his own church. @2:24:40

  • Not publishing his speaking schedule - He wants to get to know the local people. @1:10 @2:21:18

  • Not promoting himself on social media. @4:20

  • Rejecting opportunities to start his own church @1:40:25

  • Paying for his own airfare when traveling to preach. @3:40

  • Not utilizing points to travel first-class. He, on occasion, takes middle seats and seats near the lavatory. @45:39

  • Not a requiring compensation to come and preach at your church. He, on occasion, refuses any compensation offered. @22:54

  • Prefering invitations from smaller churches (where offerings are smaller) as opposed to larger churches and conferences. @4:08

  • Not demanding a certain standard of hotel room when he comes to town, preferring to stay with a family in the church. (He will sleep on a couch if you let him.) @2:25:07

  • Not asking for money or sponsorships or partnerships. @22:37

  • A lifestyle of temperance (which includes fasting). @2:00:00

  • Not emphasizing healing ministry over the gospel of truth. @10:08

  • Giving blood on a regular basis @1:01:20

  • Taking time to regularly minister at New Life for Girls (a drug rehab ministry).


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