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Bill Johnson - "Repent"

… Jesus became the tabernacle of God on earth. You remember He is called the “light of the world” but then He turns and He passes the baton on to you and says, “Ok, now you’re it. Tag, you’re it. You are light of the world.” He came as the house of God. Before He left He says, “Ok, now you’re it. You’re the eternal dwelling place of God.”

Understanding the nature of the house of God is important because it will enlarge the playing field of our faith. It will help us to function with a greater capacity for what we already possess. What “revelation” does is, revelation does not create anything. Revelation actually unveils what already exists. You can starve to death with a million dollars in the bank if you don’t know it’s there, right? …What revelation does is it unveils what is already there. It is why Jesus said, “Repent - change the way you think - because the kingdom is at hand. There is something in your midst that is so superior to everything you know that you have to change your perspective to lock into what I’m doing.” It’s like He said, “I’ve got good news and bad news. The good news is my kingdom is within reach. The bad news is it’s invisible. And you’ll have to learn to see differently.”

And so that’s the constant cry, “God, open the eyes of my heart because I want to be more convinced of your world than I am of this one.” Paul emphasized that when he said, “What you can see is temporal. What you can’t see is eternal.” See, the whole deal is the Lord is trying to engage us, He is trying to get us to set roots in an invisible reality. Why? Because, wherever your heart is, your treasure is. Wherever your treasure is, your heart is. Wherever you sow yourself is where your heart will be. Repent - “re” means to go back, “pent” is “penthouse” - top floor of a building. Go back to God’s perspective on reality.1


1 - Bill Johnson from YouTube video entitled “Bill Johnson -4/16/2004 - We Inherit Open Heavens - OHC” at the [23:13] mark.