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Objection 8

Objection:  Dan Mohler’s teaching is false because he discourages Christians from seeking the deliverance ministry that they need.


Does Dan Mohler believe in demons? Yes. He spends a significant portion of both the 2011 and 2010 HCSKL teaching about demons, the war against the Kingdom and deliverance.

Does Dan believe that Christians ever need deliverance? Yes - as can be heard in the story of his first encounter with a demon.

So what is Dan’s thinking on deliverance ministry? Dan gives a brief overview of his thinking on deliverance ministry in a response to the question, “Can a Christian have a demon and not know it?” @ 26:30 - 35:20. And here is a longer discussion on the place of deliverance ministry HCSKL 2011 Day 5 @28:35.

It’s not that Dan doesn’t believe in demons or that Dan doesn’t believe in deliverance ministry, even when it comes to Christians. But Dan is of the opinion that in the modern church we tend to rely too heavily on the ministry of others and fail to stand, by faith, on the truth that makes us free (John 8:32). And because we fail to stand, by faith, on truth, there is little grace to make that freedom our reality. He expresses that thought through the phrase, "It's not a ministry issue. It's a truth issue."

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