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Objection 7

Objection: Dan Mohler’s teaching is false because he plays fast and loose with the scriptures. He frequently misquotes scriptures. He substitutes his own words into scriptures. He misinterprets scriptures. He takes scriptures out of context. He contradicts the scriptures.

Thoughts: Does Dan Mohler frequently paraphrase scriptures? Yes. But isn’t a teacher supposed to interpret and explain the scriptures? Doesn’t a good teacher put things into his own words to make the scripture more comprehensible to the hearers while at the same time remaining faithful to the original meaning? This is what Dan is trying to do. 


As a practical matter, if Dan took the time to read every scripture that he references it would take forever. So at least for times sake it’s necessary for Dan to work from memory frequently.


Any instance of "misinterpretation" or “contradiction” should be addressed specifically. But in general, showing contradiction or misinterpretation should involve showing that a particular teaching from the broader context of Dan’s teaching is at odds with the whole of scripture, not just an isolated verse.

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