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Objection 5

Objection: Dan Mohler’s teaching is false because he teaches that Christians are sinless - they shouldn’t think that they ever really sin - that their flesh is perfect - (sinless perfectionism).


Does Dan Mohler teach sinless perfectionism? That depends on the sense of the question... 


Does Dan Mohler teach that all Christians are perfectly sinless in this life? No. Christians can and do commit sin. Hence the need for Dan’s teachings on believer repentance. (See Objection 5A)


Does Dan Mohler teach that believers are perfectly sinless in the sight of God through the finished work of Christ? Yes. The phrases “You are holy, blameless and above reproach” (Col. 1:21-23) and "You are free from sin" (Rom. 6) have to do with you, by faith, seeing yourself the way that God sees you through the cross. But these phrases should not necessarily be interpreted to constitute claims of sinless perfection in this life, as can be seen in these quotes...

@9:22 - And yet when somebody says, “I’m holy” and they are singing to God, they’re not saying in their own works they are holy. She’s not saying she earned a “holy badge”. She’s saying, “I receive how you see me through the finished work of your Son. And I’m going to start where You finished and I’m going to run well.” And that’s called a believer. And if you don’t believe, how are you going to run well? 


@4:10 - “We ought to start teaching what it means to die to sin - its memory - its stain - its desire - its pull and that you can absolutely live free from sin. I’m saying - not that you live in perfection and never commit a sin - [but] live free - from its identity, the detriment, the stain and the effects.”

Does Dan teach that sinless perfection is possible in this life? In the sense that Dan holds perfection out as a hopeful possibility by grace working through faith - something to at least shoot for, yes. At a minimum, Dan wants to go after perfection... 

@3:21 - “Because it’s not about perfection. It’s about the pure in heart shall see God. But I’ll tell you what. I would love perfection. Do you get it? And I’m going for it. And I’m not sure [that] it’s not... more possible than we think - the whole perfection thing. It’s much more possible than we think. I think a lot of us are set up to fail in our minds - we just expect to [fail]. I don’t expect to [fail]. And you would be amazed at how grace… how far grace can take you if you have faith for that [i.e. perfection]. Because… Here’s my point. What did Jesus pay for? And what did He really accomplish?... And what does that look like when it’s completely on a man or woman’s life? What’s the full measure of grace available through His cross, look like on a person, when it’s completely received? In other words, what’s it possible to become by grace? Does anybody really know yet? Or are we comparing ourselves among ourselves and limiting ourselves by each other’s experiences? Or are we really following Jesus? That’s all I’m saying. But I bet our hearts can be pure.


Does Dan teach that he has attained sinless perfection? Not to my knowledge. But he does say that faith and grace have taken him further than many would think possible - further than would be possible if he were just focused on not sinning. 

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